Where to find records

There were no birth or death certificates prior to 20 Dec 1908!

Records at the Mahoning County Courthouse:

At the Probate Office:
  • A book titled "Births, Deaths and Marriages" located in the marriage department in which these events were recorded for one year: 1 April 1856 through 31 March 1857.
  • Marriage records since the county's beginning in 1846.
    (NOTE: Parents names were not required until 1 Jan 1899 )
  • Birth & death records from 1 April 1864 until 20 Dec 1908.
  • Guardianship records.
  • Wills and Estates since 1846 are on microfilm and microfiche. Original Probate Records from 1846 through ca 1900 are at the Mahoning Valley Historical Society Archival Library.

At the Recorder's Office:

  • Soldier's discharges dated from the Civil War.
  • Deeds are copied from microfilm at $1.00 per page.
  • Land Records.
  • Grave Registrations.

Records at the Department of Health at Renaissance Center, in Youngstown:

  • Birth & death records after 20 Dec 1908 until the present.
  • Youngstown city deaths from 1892 to 20 Dec 1908.

The city of Campbell Board of Health
The City of Campbell started their Board of Health in 1932. This office was closed in 2002 and the records transferred to Youngstown.

The city of Struthers Board of Health
Struthers and Sebring opened their Boards of Health in 1909. All records are kept to date. Sebring did have a fire and some of their early records were destroyed.

Records at the Ohio Historical Center Library Archives . They will process e-mail reference requests for a small fee. See Guidelines for Offsite Archives/Library
Reference Requests .
  • Searchable databases: Death certificate index, civil war documents, newspaper index and others.
  • Marriage Records for Mahoning County:
    • Type of Record: M/DAR
    • Dates: 1846 - 1865
    • Roll/Call Number: GR 1399
    • Type of Record: CD-Rom
    • Dates: 1846 - 1848

Records available at the Ohio Department of Health

  • Death Records from 1945 to present.

Death Records for years prior to 1908 may also be found at:

  • One of the other Ohio Network of American History Research Centers
  • At a Latter Day Saints Family History Center